FIA Discovers Billions In Bank Accounts of Salman Shahbaz’s Employees

Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) has unearthed billions of rupees in the bank accounts of the employees of Salman Shahbaz, son of PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif.

According to details, the FIA has discovered a colossal Rs. 9.5 billion in the accounts of Salman’s employees working in Al-Arabia and Ramazan Sugar Mills.


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Rs. 2.3 billion were found in the bank account of Salman’s peon named Maqsood. He had also consummated the purchase of a luxury car worth Rs. 15 million through the same account.

Furthermore, Rs. 1.2 billion were found in Khizer Hayat’s account, Rs. 1 billion in Shabbir Qureshi’s account, Rs. 640 million in Iqrar’s account, Rs. 520 million in Tanveerul Haq’s account, Rs. 450 million in Touqeerul Haq’s account, and Rs. 240 million in Rana Wasim’s account.

The FIA has sought details of all the companies of Salman Shahbaz from the Security Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).


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It has also directed banks to furnish details of all the bank accounts of employees working for Salman Shahbaz.

Meanwhile, the FIA has forwarded the case to a combined investigation team (CIT) for further investigation.

  • P_TI and E_stablishment is on a political witchhunt and nothing else. F_IA is used as a tool by the government to track opponents. This is the worst government that we have. They are just addicted to lead and they have least concern with the real problems of the people. Look at unemployment, crumbling infrastructure and price increase. But all they are doing is pure witchhunt.

    • funny most of PMLN supporter i have met they have no idea about economy or how bank works even have little to zero about how courts works

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