Sindh Excise Dept to Introduce a SMS Service for Car Owners

Sindh Excise & Taxation Department is planning to launch an SMS service for vehicle owners to obtain information about their vehicle registration. The Provincial Minister for Excise, Mukesh Kumar Chawla, informed that the service will be launched shortly and that this service will aid against theft and illegal use of vehicles.

The provincial minister also highlighted that, with the help of this service, the vehicle owners will be able to find out all the details about all the vehicles registered to their name, from the comfort of their home.


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He further added that the said service was initially only available on the department’s official website, but now it will also be made available via SMS to provide further convenience to the vehicle owners.

Informing the media of the function of the said service, Chawla explained that, in order to acquire the details, the owners would have to send the registration number of their vehicle to 8147. Shortly thereafter, they will receive an SMS from the department, confirming the registration status of the vehicle and whether or not all the taxes of the vehicles have been paid for.


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Chawla also added that the said facility would not only save people valuable time, money, and energy but would also allow the excise and taxation department to lay off some of the operational pressure from the offices, as well as ensure efficiency in other operations.

He further stated that, with this facility, now it is up to the owners to legitimize their vehicle ownership and remain vigilant against any malpractice such as theft or illegal use of unregistered vehicles.