Sugar Mills Owe Billions of Rupees to Farmers

Investigations into the sugar mills scandal have unearthed that mill owners across Punjab are billions of rupees in debt.


According to the details, the farmers have lodged a number of complaints with the authorities. The data of the Cane Commissioner Punjab revealed mill owners owe Rs. 1 billion to sugarcane farmers. Whereas, they are in arrears of Rs. 3 billion in Anti-Corruption Punjab’s records.


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Director General (DG) Anti-Corruption Punjab, Gohar Nafees, said that mill owners have been committing more atrocities against farmers, in the forms of illegal deductions and low payments.

He said that the millers have been summoned with records, and added that the facts would be revealed after a thorough investigation.

The Anti-Corruption Department summoned the owners of 44 sugar mills from all over Punjab with records.


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DG Anti-Corruption said that the exploitation of sugarcane farmers will not be tolerated.

He said that two and a half thousand complaints have been received in the last two weeks against mill owners. 1363 complaints were received regarding payment below the prescribed rate, and 641 complaints regarding non-payment of money.


  • These millers should be given ultimatum to payback the money to deserving farmer, or else the govt. take over their mill and settle the matter themselves.

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