Inquiry Reveals Monal Restaurant is Built on CDA Land

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has confirmed that Monal Restaurant, the scenic eatery in the heart of the Margalla Hills National Park, is actually constructed on land owned by the municipal corporation.

It was revealed after the CDA’s Directorate of Revenue conducted a demarcation exercise under the supervision of Tehsildar Yasir Shah at the request of Islamabad’s Kohsar Police Station.


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According to CDA, Monal Restaurant and its adjoining areas, which collectively stretch over 753 kanals, are part of Chackgaa in Saidpur Village.

On 10 February 1965, CDA had consummated the acquisition of Chackgaa in exchange for substantial financial compensation to the locals.

Moreover, the land to the east and south of the Monal Restaurant and adjoining areas is owned by the General Headquarters’ (GHQ) Remount Veterinary and Farms Directorate (RVFD) while the land towards the north belongs to the Reserved Forest.

CDA’s Directorate of Revenue has clarified that the municipal corporation had constructed Monal Restaurant in 2005-06 with its financial resources under the Chairmanship of Kamran Lashari.


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It had leased Monal Restaurant to a private contractor for 15 years that will expire next year.

Earlier this year in May, Kohsar Police had opened an inquiry against the Monal Restaurant’s administration after the CDA’s Environment Wing lodged an FIR against it for chopping down trees surrounding the eatery in an attempt to expand surreptitiously.

Last year, RVFD had also communicated to the CDA’s Directorate of Municipal Administration that according to the 2017 Survey of Pakistan, the land on which Monal Restaurant is built belongs to the former.