NEPRA Approves a Huge Increase in Power Tariff

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved an increase in the power tariff by Rs.1.62 per unit for the next year.

NEPRA said that the hike is due to fuel price adjustment (FPA) for the second and third quarters of 2019-20. If permitted by the government, the move will put a burden of Rs.164.87 billion on the public.

The Authority has determined a uniform rate of Rs.1.6236/kWh with the instant decision, for the allowed amount of quarterly adjustments of Rs.73,065 million pertaining to the 2nd quarter and Rs.91,805 million for the 3rd Quarter of FY 2019-20 (total Rs.164,870 million), across each category of consumers of XWDISCOs, to be recovered in twelve (12) months period.


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The upward revision of the tariff was done on the request of power distribution companies. It will include all price adjustments required for 2018-19.

Notably, the power regulator had approved an increase in power tariff by Rs. 0.86 for the FPA of electricity. The adjustment charges for July will be added to next month’s bills, the statement added.

    • NEPRA has already approved it you blind follower and worshiper of Imran Khan. Open your eyes to see the reality

      • Dude, you do know that the previous governments and their corrupt leaders made every single department, organisation and ministry go into a deficit. Which means Pakistan HAS TO do these things in order to survive the selfish policies of PMLN and PPP. It’s not about being blind, if you don’t know this then you’re the blindest of them all.

      • “If permitted by the government, the move will put a burden of Rs.164.87 billion on the public.”
        Did you read this line as well?

  • @areeb the current population of Pakistan is around 212.2 million (as per 2018) which is probobly less then the actual figure.

    So if you do the math Rs. 164.87 for a single person will comes to Rsm 777 only… Which will be for the rich and wealth people as the poor dont have lavish life style and also 777 rs are nothing to a well settled person in Pakistan…

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