Peshawar BRT Service to Resume After 4 Weeks of Closure Due to Fire Incidents

Following a series of mechanical faults that took place in Peshawar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) fleet over the past few weeks, the service had to be placed on hold so a team of experts to pinpoint and eradicate the problem. The Special Assistant to Chief Minister on Information Kamran Bangash has finally announced the resumption of the service on October 25th, 2020.

Although no details were shared about what the faults were or whether or not they had been completely resolved, Bangash did state that the fleet repairs have had no financial repercussions on the government, since the bus supplier is contract-bound to address the problems, implying that the buses were repaired free of cost or perhaps at a nominal fee.


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The BRT service was suspended about 4 weeks ago after one of the buses from the fleet caught fire, making it a 4th fire incident to take place within a month’s time. The spokesman and a representative of the BRT service, Umar Khan, told the media personnel that it was the rear cabin of the bus that caught fire, as it was passing through the Hayatabad route.

Details are still not available as to whether it’s the same bus that had been catching fire over and over again or if the problem persists in the entire fleet. Still, the decision has apparently been finalized, as reportedly, the inspection team is just adding some final touches to ensure the safety of the entire fleet.

  • Honorable Kamran Bangash you won the battle. Finally today few minutes before the BRT buses are ready for take off for the brt are ready for the take off.
    Please pray Shukrana Namaz for blessing of Allah that you are now back to normal.
    Best wishes

    • The citizens will offer shukrana Nawafil 100s of times when the BRT is completely demolished and we get back our old big roads, just like when there was no rush and traffic jam in our sweet city. And I personally will do 1000s of nawafil when our country has no democracy or martial law and gets a pure Sharia law governance. In.sha.Allah

  • Safety is the basic issue not repairing.Kindly tell us what was the technical issue with those buses & how vulnerable are the other buses.

  • The fleet of buses for BRT is comprised of 262 buses as against 64 buses used by Islamabad Metro. I think very low quality buses are chosen for BRT and these are likely to recur again and again thus impacting the operational capacity of BRT.

  • An ill planned project of the century. Don’t know what was the need to have brt, it ruined our beautiful city. It bisected Peshawar like Berlin wall of west and east Germany. At some places the road is too narrow just like a village road, e.g. shoba bazar, sunehri masjid road saddar, tehkal payan, tambwan mor, secondary board. Traffic jams on both sides of university road from shaheen town till Arbab road due to brt and shopping malls. You can allso see the routine traffic jams in these places on daily basis. The road sides on university road still need improvement which are left unaddressed. Authorities are blind and deaf over the substandard construction and very high rates including NAB and Supreme court. The matter needs high level enquiry and punitive action against the culprits of all level specially the previous PTI govt.

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