TikTok is Disappointed Over Being Banned in Pakistan

TikTok’s mission is to inspire creativity and joy, and that’s just what they’ve done in Pakistan, said TikTok in a statement adding that its disappointed over the ban in Pakistan.

Without commenting on PTA’s objections, TikTok said that it has built a community whose creativity and passion have brought joy to households across Pakistan and opened vital economic opportunities to incredibly talented creators.

“This is why we are disappointed that our users and creators in Pakistan are still unable to access TikTok, more than one week after our services were blocked by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA)”, said the company. 

Over the past year, TikTok says that they made concerted efforts to address questions from the Government of Pakistan around their content moderation process, including significantly increasing the capacity of their local language content moderation team.

After TikTok was blocked in Pakistan, it continued to engage with PTA to demonstrate its commitment to comply with local laws and further enhance its content moderation capacity.

Though PTA acknowledged and appreciated these efforts, TikTok’s services remain blocked in the country and it has received no communication from PTA.

It hopes that their productive dialogue with the PTA can bring assurance of the government’s commitment to a stable, enabling environment whereby they can explore investing further in the market, including in the inspiring talent it has seen thrive on TikTok.

If the government of Pakistan decides to reopen access to its services in the future, it will certainly assess the allocation of resources to this market.

It’s unfortunate that Pakistan’s vibrant online community is still unable to showcase their talent and creativity to TikTok’s hundreds of millions of users worldwide.

We look forward to being able to reconnect with the energetic and talented youth of Pakistan and play our role in the success story of Pakistan.

  • It’s okay #TikTok but you should have paid heed to immoral contents about which was PTA demanding again and again an answer. If you are running such a trending app than you are liable to follow regulations of the said authority.

  • Tiktok very entertaining Aap for Pakistani people more talent n more information n many good things on ticktock if u banned Ticktok people who mis use will go other sites u tube facebook many other ways we can’t stop like this because if we banned this app we r killing talented people because of some misuesrs we can’t punish all people we should think it’s not the solution to banned tictktock like this we censored or block the one who misuse tictok not all people plz

  • Tiktok should be sad because they never take action against immoral content even when you report it to them. Tiktok should improve its regulation before entering in the pakistani market

  • Unsupported tiktok not been confirmed with other matters irrigation with treatment of support by end of journey….

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