PTCL Deploys SWSAM’s AI-Enabled Bots to Improve Customer Experience

Pakistan Telecommunication (PTCL) took an innovative step towards improving the internet experience for their subscribers by deploying AI-powered bots.

The first phase of this project which went live on the 15th of October will cover the Islamabad region. PTCL will be one of the first operators in the region to adopt this technology. These bots continuously check the pulse of the network and are designed to alert the network teams in case they sense a possible quality degradation in any area.

For example, if customers are facing poor YouTube quality in F-7 sector or the residents of I-8 are likely to have issues with webpages taking longer to load. 

This solution has been designed and developed in Pakistan by SWSAM solutions. The key aspect of this technology is that it focuses on a higher layer of application experience. Modern applications like Facebook, Whatsapp and YouTube have sophisticated data handling techniques which makes it challenging for network operators to map their network health with user experience.

PTCL has solved this problem by deploying these active bots which will keep PTCL ahead of their competitors. Through these bots, PTCL can now measure and monitor the true customer experience via the in-depth analysis of application-level QoE in web, video, VoIP, and IPTV. 

The milestone of this collaboration with SWSAM Solutions was celebrated by a cake cutting ceremony that took place on 15th October, 2020 at PTCL NOC building, H9.

The ceremony was held in a blend of online and on-site participation. Among the attendees were respected PTCL members, including but not limited to EVP PMO: Mateen Malik: EVP SA: Mahdi AI Haddad; GM NOC: Kamran Sharif, GM Strategy: Abdul Moneeb; GM NOD Allah Ditta Malik and other key people who were an integral part of the solution implementation. From SWSAM, CEO, Mr. Muhammad Umar, and COO, Mr. Azhar Ghani were in attendance.

  • Another waste of time / money and resources. Without including the real – last mile information how can they understand the real CX?

  • ground reality pe focus karo networking cable quality improve karo ptcl pata nahe kase sade ke cable hai 4mbs speed support nahe karthi.

  • پی ٹی سی ایل بہت گند کر رہا ہے یہ اپنے کسٹمرز کو تنگ کرنے کے سوا اور کر کیا سکتا ہے.
    مجھے آٹھ سال ہو گئے ہیں اس کی سروسز استعمال کرتے ہوئے.
    پہلے اس کے بل کی آخری تاریخ آٹھ یا سات ہوا کرتی تھی پھر انہو نے چھ تاریخ رکھی پھر انہوں نے چار تاریخ رکھی پھر یہ لوگ دو تاریخ پر آگئے اس کے بعد ان کی بل جمع کروانے کی تاریخ اٹھائیس ہوئی اس کے بعد چھبیس پھر چوبیس، بائیس اور اب ان کے بل جمع کروانے کی آخری تاریخ انیس کر دی گئی ہے.. یہ سہولت دیں گے

  • سرکاری ملازمین کی تنخواہیں یکم کے بعد ملنا شروع ہو جاتیں ہیں. ان کو چاہیے کہ بل جمع کروانے کی تاریخ مناسب سی رکھیں تاکہ کوئی پریشانی کا سامنا نہ کرے…

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