Twitterati in Fumes as PMC Changes MDCAT 2020 Syllabus at the Last Minute

After abolishing the old Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) and jeopardizing this year’s medical and dental colleges’ entry tests, the government-backed Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) has now changed the syllabus for the entry tests, leaving the students furious.

Many students showed their anguish on the PMC’s last-minute switch in the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT 2020) syllabus, saying that the move will put their careers at stake.

According to the students, the council had earlier assured them of not including topics outside the existing provincial syllabus.

NMDCAT exam will NOT contain any item/topic which is outside the existing syllabus of your respective province. No NEW syllabus will be issued for NMDCAT this year.


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However, PMC, at the eleventh hour, announced a new syllabus for exams. Students blame that they have ‘copy/pasted’ the National University Of Medical Sciences’ (NUMS) syllabus – the entity responsible for designing MDCAT exams this year.

Note that the MDCAT 2020 was earlier planned for October 18 across the country. However, the exams were postponed following a tug of war between the PMC and PMDC and are now scheduled for November 15, 2020.

With less than a month into the exam, students are baffled at how they’ll cover the new syllabus.


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Here is how students reacted to the development:

A Twitter user recalled PMC’s old announcement regarding the exam syllabus.

A student accused PMC of playing with their futures.

Incensed by the frequent changes in PMC’s stance, another student suggested that the council itself needed a doctor.

Another student highlighted the differences among inter-provincial curricula and said that a ‘National MDCAT is not possible.’

The calls for a change in the MDCAT syllabus are growing.

  • ایسا معلوم ہو رہا ہے کہ یہ نام نہاد ادارے عقل و فہم سے فارغ لوگوں کے حوالے کر دیے گئے ہیں جنکو یہ شعور ہی نہیں کہ بچے MCAT کی تیاری 3/4 ماہ سے اکیڈمیز میں سابقہ سلیبس کے تحت کر چکے ہیں اب نئی قیادت mcat پیپرز کے انعقاد سے صرف 25 دن قبل مزید نیا سلیبس بتا رہے ہیں ..یا تو یہ بہت بڑے فراڈ کی تیاری ہو چکی ہے یا پھر عقل سے پیدل انتظامیہ کی ناہلی کیوجہ سے بچوں کا مستقبل تباہ کیا جانا مقصود ہے … عمران خان کو ان ناہل لوگوں کو فوری عہدوں سے فارغ کر کے اس سال پرانے سلیبس کے تحت امتحان کروانا چائیے

  • Soon patients will turn to Hakeems again because new doctors will lack skill and knowledge required and will kill people. Medical education is ruined in Pakistan. My sympathies are with future doctors.

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