GAL Pakistan Makes a Social Statement While Embracing All Skin Tones in New Powerful Anthem

2020 has won itself the title of being ‘the year’…the year when the pandemic COVID-19 took over and seized life as we know it; the year we lost so many invaluable lives; the year that affected countless businesses; the year schools were shut (mothers, we know it hasn’t been easy); the year climate change really jolted us…but hang on!

It hasn’t been as bad as we might be thinking. Maybe we’ve forgotten to look beyond the obvious bewildering news and focus on the good that happened. Have we all forgotten? 2020 is also the year the beauty revolution finally arrived in Pakistan! Confused?! Read on!

We all remember Fair & Lovely’s new name Glow & Lovely after the brand made a smart decision of completely removing words like ‘fair/fairness’, ‘whiten/whitening’, and ‘lighten/lightening’. Hell, they went as far as changing the brand’s name for crying out loud! Following that, the brand released its first campaign, ‘The Glow & Lovely Anthem’.

It’s brilliant, to say the least! Showcasing a multidimensional diverse all-inclusive beauty, the anthem is motivating and also features empowered, inspirational, fierce women. We’re talking about the likes of our Pakistani female football team captain – Hajra Khan, the first Pakistani female table player – Sumaira Waris, Youtube sensation – Natalia Gul, and a female boxer – Naina. The overall visuals are fresh and exciting.

If you’re not sold on the visuals, you’re bound to be moved by the powerful lyrics. “Mitti ke 100 Rung hein. Aik rung main aik rung tu…Har rang mei tuu hai poori. Har rung mein tera wajood.” Glow & Lovely has gone all out talking about diversity and all-inclusivity, preaching that the color of one’s skin does not define success.

The anthem is definitely a historic move not just for the brand but for the entire country’s beauty industry as Glow & Lovely continues to be the most prominent skincare brands we have.

The concept for the Glow & Lovely anthem is based on urging women to strive for achieving their dreams even amidst all odds, thus awakening one’s ‘inner glow.’ The ‘inner glow’ reference also subtly indicates what the product has always offered – smooth even and clear skin that is healthy and well cared for.

Yup, you read that right! Unlike popular belief, Glow & Lovely’s products do not have any mercury or harmful ingredients. Instead, the formulation has always been based on safe and effective ingredients, such as vitamin B3, glycerine, UVA, and UVB sunscreens as well as other vitamins like B6, C, and E (known to be antioxidants and allantoin an anti-irritant).

When a market leader chooses to take such a bold step, people tend to stop and listen. We’re hoping the market will be ready to welcome Glow & Lovely’s progressive evolution towards representing a more multidimensional and diverse understanding of beauty.



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