Saudi Arabia Cuts Off Kashmir and GB from Pakistan’s Map in New Celebratory Note

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority has recently launched a new twenty-riyal banknote to mark the Saudi presidency of the G20 summit.

The banknote remained in the news for its high-quality security features and a distinctive design inspired by the G20 logo.

With all its technical specifications, the note became controversial in the region due to its border depictions.

Carrying the picture of King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud on the front, the backside features a world map, displaying the G20 countries in a different color.


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However, the map does not show Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir as parts of Pakistan, rather its depicted as an independent territory. It shows a border between Pakistan and AJK/GB, depicting the entire region as an independent territory.

While the government of Pakistan is yet to respond on the matter, Indian media is celebrating it as a victory, declaring it KSA’s official stance on the Kashmir issue.


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Indian media is calling it a Diwali gift from Saudi Arabia for Indian people. They claim that Saudi Arabia prioritizes India over Pakistan as the two countries are expanding their bilateral and economic relations at the cost of Pakistan and Kashmir.

It should be noted that last year, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aka MBS had announced $60 billion investments in the oil refinery sector in India.

  • Its kinda funny cuz the map resembles the ones in google.
    If Pakistan truly wants to fix this then have to go to google for this and make their maps appear first on their google domains.

    • Genius person, google only sells info that gets most hits among people around the World. Anyone can post anything and if it gets views, its top pages unless google wants certain things to be shown on top due to sponsorships etc.

  • Dear this map dosent clearly show this kind of act
    If you google the world map the same image appers on the front so thats the issue in this kindly verify the ews before shareing it
    Muslims are already fighting and destroyi g each other so plz dont spread hatered among us all
    Jizak allah khair

    • False. The West spreads disunification and wars in the Muslim World. You must have not studied history. Go study history before you blame Muslims being separated. The GUlf Arabs are some of the most filthy money hungry Muslims on the planet.

  • I don’t think saudi leaders care about feelings of other countries, they take care of their own people…

    We are only unlucky one’s to have leaders until now that let our own people starve but lick the feet of other countries…

  • This article is false in one aspect and has omitted something very important.
    #1 indians celebrating is a big lie. they are protesting and might not attend g20 summit over this. Why? THE PART LEFT OUT by the author…they also separated Jammu Kahmir from India in the map.
    Stop lying and giving only part of the story. The only headlines is that India is Angry and demands Saudi change the design.
    People who lie, exaggerate and mislead the public are vile. People quick to believe are mindless.

  • The fact is Saudis kept this map on neutral ground. Meantime, India is also crying over the issue that they didn’t show Jammu Kashmir part of India.
    So, its a dilemma for them to either please India and offend Pakistan or vice versa.

  • Can you please quote where did you get this ‘Diwali gift’ info!
    India has lodged a protest more than Pakistan – because the map excludes annexed parts JK and Ladakh both from Indian map

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