Here’s What’s Inside The Latest iPhone 12 Pro [Video]

To reveal what’s inside Apple’s recently launched iPhone 12, YouTuber Zach from JerryRigEverything carried out his signature teardown. One of the main reasons of this little test was to find where do the ‘Magnets’ lie.

For those who don’t know, the smartphone comes with the new Magsafe technology that magnetically attaches power adaptors or other accessories on the back of the iPhone 12.

The teardown video reveals all the components inside the phone. The handset is pretty hard to get into since it comes with a bit more water resistance. It is still IP68 certified, but it has been tested at a depth of 6 meters instead of 4, like with every other iPhone.

Smaller Battery And Multiple Magnets

The phone comes with a couple of connectors snapped onto each other. The motherboard is double stacked, and the battery has ‘magical’ pull tabs that, according to Zack, seem very prone to breaking. As compared to last year’s models, the Taptic Engine and the battery are smaller this year.

Moreover, as far as the magnets are concerned, the handset is equipped with 18 small magnets arranged circularly around the wireless charging coil to enable MagSafe. Since these magnets don’t work properly with a case on, the official iPhone 12 cases come with a magnetic ring as well.

You can watch the complete teardown process in the following video: