OnePlus Introduces Cyberpunk 2077-Themed 8T

Last week, rumors regarding the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Limited Edition started surfacing on the internet. Yesterday (2nd November 2020), the company revealed the smartphone. Although the smartphone is a variant of the recently launched OnePlus 8T, it does not look anything like the smartphone.

The phone comes with a lot of design elements to match the visual tone of the upcoming game. These include Cyberpunk 2077 inspired yellow accents and the game’s logo at the bottom. However, one of the significant changes to the smartphone’s aesthetics is the huge camera bump that encompasses much of the back of the phone.

Although the internals of the phone remains the same, it gets some Cyberpunk 2077-themed touches as well. The smartphone now comes with custom wallpaper and two special camera filters, “Night City” and “North California”.

OnePlus keeps launching limited edition smartphones according to ongoing trends. This Cyberpunk 2077 themed smartphone will join the Avengers-branded OnePlus 6, the OnePlus 6T McLaren edition, and a Star Wars-themed OnePlus 5T lineup of the limited-edition smartphones by OnePlus.

The OnePlus Cyberpunk 2077 8T will be available for sale in China by 10th November 2020 for $600. It is currently available for pre-order. There is no word about the global availability of the handset.