Shireen Mazari Deletes Tweet After French Envoy Calls Out Fake News

Pakistan’s Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari, has deleted her tweet that had criticized the French President Emmanuel Macron after the French embassy issued a clarification.

In her tweet, Mazari had accused Macron and French authorities of treating Muslim children in France the way Hitler had treated Jews during World War II. Citing a news report in the now-deleted tweet, she had claimed that the Muslim children in France are being issued “ID numbers” to distinguish them from others.

However, the French embassy in Pakistan rejected the report as ‘fake news’ and demanded its retraction.

The minister had initially refused to delete her tweet, claiming that her information was based on a story reported by a French publication.

Her next tweet read: “Read link 4 source of the story – if fake then get retraction of story published which I gave as link @FranceinPak instead of calling my tweet “fake”! Btw why are nuns allowed to wear their “habit” in public places but Muslim women not their hijab? Discrimination, n’est ce pas?”

Nonetheless, Mazari later deleted her tweet after the French embassy got the news article corrected by its publishers.

“The French Envoy to Pak sent me the following message, and as the article I had cited has been corrected by the relevant publication, I have also deleted my tweet on the same,” she stated on her official Twitter handle on Sunday.

Consequently, the French embassy thanked her for her correction in a follow-up tweet.

The French embassy explained in a series of tweets that the IDs in question are being issued to all children alike to counter discrimination.

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