Govt Announces Schedule For Free COVID-19 Vaccination in Pakistan

Free of cost vaccinations against COVID-19 will begin in September 2021 in Pakistan, the Parliamentary Secretary for National Health Services, Dr. Nausheen Hamid, announced on Wednesday.

She tweeted, “The PTI government will provide the coronavirus vaccine free of charge to people. Government will start the vaccination from the second quarter of 2021”.


Govt Launches Rapid Antigen Testing Policy to Contain COVID-19

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan, stated that in the first phase, the vaccine will be administered to frontline healthcare workers followed by the elderly population. In the third stage, the common public will be given the vaccine.

He added that the cabinet has approved Rs. 150 million for the procurement of the vaccine and that the government will be requested for more funds, if necessary.


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There are a few companies that have been shortlisted for vaccine procurement as well.

The coronavirus vaccine approved by China’s CanSino Biologics is undergoing clinical trials in Pakistan, and the response to the trial is quite positive.

  • Two fixed required in this Article:

    Second quarter of 2021 implies the April-June 2021 period, Not September 2021 as written in the first line

    The cabinet has approved $ 150 million not Rs. 150 million as written in the article.

    • Yes, the author probably confused second quarter with second half.

      The quality of content here has really gone down. No such thing as proofreading even.

  • I will take vaccine after 1 year i cannot inject something which is made in rush.I also saw a youtube video in which there is some evidence rushed vaccine can turn human into brain dead zombie.

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