PCB Allows Families to Accompany Players on Tours

According to a new policy of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), the families of Pakistani players will be allowed to accompany them on official tours. The new policy has been made to facilitate the players in difficult times.


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Several Pakistan players spoke regarding their anxiety and mental stress in the early stages of their tour to New Zealand to the PCB. Therefore, the PCB has decided to take this step to make the players comfortable.

Pakistan national team players have been constantly playing cricket over the past few months and have been forced to stay in a bio-secure bubble due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has harmed their mental health.

According to PCB, the matter will be discussed with other boards as well so that they can easily accommodate the families.


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Pakistan is scheduled to play a lot of matches next year. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it might be difficult to implement this policy due to different regulations in countries. However, the PCB is looking to find a solution and provide comfort to the players. The players have already been made aware of this new policy.

Pakistan is set to host South Africa next month before returning the favor and playing a series in South Africa. Pakistan is also scheduled to visit West Indies, England, and Zimbabwe. The men in green will also visit India to play in the World T20 next year.

Families and the players will be required to follow the COVID-19 protocols throughout the tours.