Sindh Retrieves Govt Vehicles from Officials

On Wednesday, the government of Sindh issued a notification announcing the reinstatement of the government officers who had reportedly been illegally keeping government vehicles for personal use.

As per the notification, five government officers have been reinstated after they returned the vehicles to the relevant departments.

Credits: ARY News

Due to their non-compliance with the orders of the concerned department, the officers were reportedly suspended for not returning the official vehicles and were given a warning of stern legal action by the government.

Following this, the officers heeded the warning, and have been reinstated to their respective posts.


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The report adds that the officers had been allotted cars from the government after being elected as local body representatives. Upon the conclusion of their tenures, the officers were to return them to the concerned departments.

Due to their lack of cooperation, the officers have been served with censure that has reportedly been recorded by the concerned departments in the officers’ dossiers.


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The report further suggests that despite having been relieved of their duties for over two and a half months, many officials are yet to return the vehicles in their possession that they had been provided by the government for official use.

A committee had also been formed to ensure the return of the vehicles but it had failed to do anything so far.