United Alpha Launched as the Cheapest 1,000CC Car in Pakistan

United Motors finally launched the Alpha hatchback on 2 January, kickstarting 2021 to an interesting opening for Pakistan’s auto industry.

Alpha is a 1000cc city hatchback that challenges the Suzuki Cultus and Kia Picanto, and the new Alpha is considerably the cheapest offering in the 1000cc hatchback segment.

Credits: Pakwheels.com


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The launch took place at the Pearl Continental Hotel in Karachi on Saturday where the automaker reportedly shared its plans to add more vehicles and a couple more variants (automatic and electric) of the United Alpha to its lineup in Pakistan. The automaker also stated that the Alpha will be offered as a Complete Knock-Down (CKD) unit to ensure its edge over its competitors in terms of price.


As pointed out by experts, the Alpha United is a rebadged and facelifted version of the first generation Chery QQ. Apart from the slight differences in the front and the rear with different pairs of headlights and taillights, it is basically the same car that was introduced by Karakoram Motors 16 years ago.

Credit: Carspiritpk.com

It has familiar, smooth, and beveled body-lines and silhouette as part of a simple and functional overall design. Although the black plastic panels and the questionable headlight and taillight design reduce the ‘clean look’, note that the United Alpha is a city car that is only meant for simple use in a cheap and reasonably comfortable manner.


The theme of simplicity continues inside with a standard-looking dash design besides a touch-based infotainment screen, a modern-looking gauge cluster, and a two-tone design that makes the interior slightly bright. It also includes soft, cotton fabric seating as the standard.

Although it has the basic features and amenities of a modern car, it lacks airbags which is a big let-down.


The United Alpha features a 1000cc, naturally-aspirated Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) 4-cylinder petrol engine that produces 68 hp and 93 Nm of torque, and is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. Additionally, the engine is Euro-4 compliant.

The car has a McPherson Strut coil spring suspension in the front and a semi-independent, cylindrical, helical spring setup at the rear for a smooth ride.

While it has front disc brakes without ABS and conventional rear drum brakes at the back, the relatively lesser curb weight of the car (890 kg) enables easy halting on normal brakes as well.


The Alpha will be offered in only one trim-level for now, and it will have the following features:


  • Power windows
  • Power door locks
  • Cupholders
  • Remote keyfob
  • 4 speaker sound system
  • Heater + air conditioner
  • Touch-based infotainment screen
  • USB connectivity
  • Reversing camera


  • Driver and passenger 3-point seatbelts (front and rear)
  • Child locks in the rear doors
  • 3rd high-mounted brake light
  • Front Foglights
  • Anti-collision bars on the sides


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For almost Rs. 1.4 million (Rs. 1,395,000 to be exact) one can get a 1000cc hatchback that competes with the Suzuki Cultus and the Kia Picanto for less than the price of a top-spec Suzuki Alto.

However, United Motors has always had questionable product quality, which is why its Bravo failed to impress despite being the cheapest offering in its segment. Moreover, with the lack of basic features like airbags and the ABS technology, the Alpha does not come across as particularly appealing.

Regardless, its price makes it a considerable contender among the other brand new cars being offered in Pakistan, but it remains to be seen it will be able to hold its own against the WagonR, the Cultus, and the Picanto in terms of sales figures.

  • If they would have set 1 million price, they would have a chance against others, the suzuki and picanto.

  • How many cars in pakistan do possess AirBags which according to the author is a big disadvantage of this new entrant!!

    • True. Not even in GLI Toyota Corolla. In 1.4 million Rs what else could they have offered.

  • Thw price is very attractive
    Rest let’s see what’s the quality level
    Let’s hope their car is if good quality

  • Design is ugly
    Side mirrors r too outward without even total adjustment
    No safety of veh at all
    Poor braking system
    Price 14,00,000 is expensive for this car, shouldn’t be more than 12 lac

  • If compete with pearl prince the price is much higher than..
    Although prince offering more features in 11.6 million.

  • In Pakistan have major issue which models failed in other countries they export in Pakistan and people like most
    for example vizel picanto mini pajero so Those people like alto or picanto should try this car therefore suzuki or others brands value will dicrease. So don’t give negative comment just appreciate and compete market. Hum log bgyr air bag or 1900 sun ki car mehran chalany waky han chahy 1 crore ki b ho change mind.

  • The importance of safety and features is somewhere on sky after PM made impossible to import a JDM’s. Even next five year local or chinese automaker come even closer to JDM vehicles. We could get a better car with lot features like keyless entry, push start, DCT automatic shift, airbags, retractable mirrors in 1.4 lac. Just remind yourself the visit of auto market you paid 3 years ago. Vitz, paso, aqua all were around 14 to 18 lac.

  • United have the future if they don’t give up the race. Its hard to compete with Suzuki.

  • It should be in the Rs 1 million price range. All cars have too much inflated price. For a Chinese car to sell, it needs to share and review these things
    1. Whats the durability of the engine. Is it timing chain driven or belt (old technology and will have maintenance costs). Whats the expected life of the engine. Like Honda L13A (used in city) engine can easily last up to 300000 KM as per specifications.
    2. Euro 4 is just an emission standard. whats its actual road going mileage
    3. Whats the actual built of the transmission and what is its life expectancy.
    4. Whats the suspension, Brakes make and model. Is its spares available openly in the market of have to purchase it from the OEM
    5. Whats the cars NCAP rating. It will atleast give us how safe it is and how the body is manufactured.

  • Cherry is back with new features. Who say it’s a new comer. I wonder and fear the way cherry resurrected after so many years This may not happen with mehran. anyways its back now with a huge price hahaha.
    Surprisingly when world is turning towards green energy electric cars we are still introducing petrol and gas running vehicles. I don’t know about billion trees but electric cars sure do reduce pollution. Jay Naya Pakistan

  • They are launching 1960s shape in 2020s.

    This is an insult to Pakistanis. Have some decency of launching a car that is at least pleasant to look at! This is ugly. I would love to know the background of its designer. You can at least look at the modern vehicles on the internet and try modeling the car accordingly. Its just shaping the iron accordingly!!

    I bet a 6 years old can design a better looking car than this! I am sure, CEO must have seen better designed cars, at least. How can he approve such a pathetic design !!

    This should not be licensed to drive in Pakistan. It will add nothing in the beauty around us. Only horror and disgust.

  • Ugly Design, Features Ok… But The price is too high… This wouldn’t be more than 7 to 8 lacs… 4 out of 10..

  • Ugly Design, Features Ok… But The price is too high… This wouldn’t be more than 7 to 8 lacs… 4 out of 10..

  • Ugly Design, Features Ok… But The price is too high… This wouldn’t be more than 7 to 8 lacs… 4 out of 10..

  • This car has nothing attractive to compete the others… 1.4 million is very huge amount for local automobile industry. Lake of air bags is one of highest disadvantage.

  • Wow what a review… A car with no air bags… Lacks safety feature.. Without abs brake… Unknown petrol average… Can compete Suzuki Cultus and Kia picanto…. In what terms???? Air-conditioning tou Suzuki Mehran main bhi tha…

  • If Local Brand the total manufacturing cost is Rs=5 lacs maximum then sale price should be 8 Lacs upto max…

  • i need automatic transmission please tell me when launching automatic transmission united alpha & price detail

  • پاکستان میں 14لاکھ پراہیس بہت زیادہ ھے امیر آدمی تو بڑی کاریں لیتے ھیں متوست طبقہ چھوٹی کار لیتا ھے ایک لاکھ آمدن والا آدمی لیز پر بھی چودہ۔لاکھ کی یہ۔کار نہ۔لے گا اگر اس کار کو عوامی بنانا ھے تو قیمت آٹھ لاکھ رکھیں

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