Here’s How Much Tax FBR Needs to Collect in Q3 to Meet Annual Target

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been assigned to meet the quarterly target of Rs. 1.172 trillion for the third quarter (January-March) 2020-21 for meeting the annual target of Rs. 4.9 trillion for the current fiscal year.

FBR officials told Propakistani that the FBR has met the revenue collection target of Rs. 2.210 trillion set for the first half (July-December) of 2020-21. The revenue collection target of Rs 4.9 trillion for the whole fiscal year has not been revised by the FBR. The target for the first quarter (July-September) 2020-21 was fixed at Rs. 970 billion.

The said target was achieved by the tax machinery.


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The quarterly target for the second quarter (October-December) for 2020-21 was fixed at Rs. 1.241 trillion. The target for the second quarter was also achieved by the FBR.

Now, the target for the third quarter (January-March) 2020-21 has been projected at Rs. 1.172 trillion

Officials added that the FBR has decided to focus on the annual revenue collection target of Rs 4.9 trillion.

The FBR has communicated the new targets for January-March (2020-21) for the third quarter to the field formations along with the enforcement strategy to achieve the assigned targets, officials added.

  • why increasing tax collection targets each time ? then what fbr does they further increase indirect and direct taxes also sindh government also collect taxes. overall full burden on a normal person and in return paying hundreds of taxes each day we does not get even a penny service by government maybe they loot all . tax system is just for poor and middle class people only.

  • I wonder how did they collect tax in the Pandemic covid-19 just because of bad economy which is not growing at all.looks like fbr lieing about the tax collection.

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