#BoycottCannoli Trends On Twitter After Owners’ Video Goes Viral

Attaining social privilege and a well-off status in today’s modern age is surely a fine feat. But what happens when you don’t school yourself in the ethics of moral decency? Chances are you get “bored”.

In a similar case of ‘boredom’ and expression of elite beginnings, the owners of Cannoli Café Soul took it upon themselves to insult one of their employees on the basis of communication in English.

What followed was a series of explosive reactions from people on Twitter, slamming the two ladies for their insensitive remarks towards their manager.


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Here’s the original video:

The public backlash was quick from the outset, with #BoycottCannoli taking the top spot on Twitter trends.

Someone even went a few steps ahead and located their Instagram accounts. You can expect what comes next!

Social media these days is one heck of a tricky business. You can decide for yourselves what the following caption means to you!

The Twitterati police is now on the lookout for the individual who made the video. What was he even thinking?

Body-shaming is something that should always be frowned upon. And yes, always remember to keep your phone charged!

Uzma and Dia will probably issue an apology soon. Let’s help them select the right attire while we’re at it:

SOPs have been circulated throughout the country for curbing the coronavirus for the better. Wearing masks can sometimes help filter out the wrong words if you try.

Just for reference, here’s an eye-opener for a few ‘groups’ we shall abstain from identifying;

Honestly, what are you guys even talking about? The British Raj is long gone, so what’s the plan here? Knighthood?

Finally, here’s some truth for you:



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Props to the manager for standing his ground and keeping himself composed throughout the ordeal.

Uzma and Dia are in it for a long haul, and their business might take a hit from such a scathing public backlash.