Nayatel Becomes Exclusive Technology Partner of Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd.

Nayatel and Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. – owners & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad – signed an exclusive partnership agreement on January 6, 2021. Under this agreement, Nayatel will be the exclusive technology partner of Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. for their Telecom Infrastructure needs.

Nayatel is recognized not only as the first operator to introduce fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) in South Asia, but also as a leading business solution provider in the telecom Industry. With a vast portfolio encompassing services that cater to the needs of different businesses, Nayatel is pacing up its game by competing internationally.

The partnership with Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. not only places Nayatel as their Internet Service Provider, but has also bagged the alliance as their IPTV, Digital Signage, and other telecom and IT Infrastructure requirements on a long-term basis.

Speaking on the occasion, Wahaj Siraj, Chief Executive Officer, Nayatel, said, “As a digital service company, Nayatel has never failed to put its best foot forward. With a dedicated team coordinating the feasibilities and fulfilling all the technical requirements, we have not only managed to bring Nayatel’s competencies to the forefront, but have also succeeded in developing strong partnerships in terms of providing business solutions, leaving even international options behind.”

“This partnership with Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad has deemed to be a tremendous start to the new year and has enabled Nayatel to keep on shining in its proficiencies in the International Telecom Solutions’ realm,” he added.

Now stepping into the hospitality industry with the provisioning of services like IPTV for Hotels, Nayatel can seamlessly integrate an array of content with or without installing STB at the customer’s end (they can deliver IPTV services via their app on Android TVs).

Along with that, Digital Signage will enable Progressive Hotels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. to engage their target audience with live digital ads and videos on multiple TV screens via a content management system over the web.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Jawad S Khawaja, Managing Director, said, “I am honored to start this joint venture among Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd., Owner & operators of Best Western Premier Hotel Islamabad, and Nayatel, becoming the exclusive technology partner with us. This venture offers an excellent opportunity to provide premium technology services to our guests.”

“This new international partnership with Nayatel will not only strengthen the dedication of Progressive Motels and Resorts (Pvt) Ltd. to its core principles, but also to expand its ability to offer its guests a tech facility of a truly unique view of our increasingly interconnected world and hospitality and tourism,” he added.

Nayatel hopes to fully facilitate the leading chain of hotels and wishes a fruitful long-term partnership ahead.

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