Starbucks or Costa Might Be Coming to Pakistan

Javed Afridi, the 35-year-old entrepreneur, has hinted at the arrival of an international coffeehouse to Pakistan.

Taking to Twitter, the Peshawar Zalmi owner asked his followers whether they want Starbucks or Costa in Pakistan.


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Founded in 1971, Costa is an England-based coffeehouse company. Coca-Cola acquired Costa in 2019 and the company has over 18,000 employees in 3,401 stores across 31 countries.

Starbucks is an American coffeehouse company that was founded in 1971. The company has over 349,000 employees in 31,256 stores across 79 countries.

Note that Costa had opened a coffeehouse in Karachi several years ago that shut down after some time.


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On the other hand, Starbucks, a few years back, clarified that the company had no plans in opening coffeehouses in Pakistan.

However, both companies might reconsider their decisions considering the current wave of coffee culture in Pakistan that has seen coffeehouses sprouting up everywhere.

Which coffeehouse company you want in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments section below.

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