Punjab to Start a Special School Enrolment Campaign from Next Week

The Punjab government will initiate a Special Enrolment Campaign next week for children who couldn’t come back to school due to the pandemic crisis.

As per sources close to the government, more than 600,000 students dropped out of the education backdrop due to smart lockdowns in the country. Despite efforts of the government to accommodate schools and colleges during that time, many students, especially children, had to leave schools due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances.

After due consideration and uplifting of strict regulations by the provincial government, schools in Punjab will soon accommodate children through the Special Enrolment Campaign.


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In 2020, Pakistan was one of the first countries in the world to institute widespread school closures as a result of the coronavirus.

Now in 2021, schools and colleges across the country are opening their campuses again to resume interactive learning as per strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs). Students will not be called to schools on the same day, and each class will be divided into two groups.