Sindh to Begin COVID-19 Vaccination Drive From 3 February

Sindh’s Minister for Information and Local Government, Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, announced that the provincial government will launch its coronavirus vaccination drive from 3 February onwards.

“We are starting the vaccination from Wednesday,” the minister said at a press conference and added that Sindh will receive 82,359 vaccine doses of the 500,000 doses acquired from China.


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The Minister reiterated that in the first phase, the frontline healthcare workers will be inoculated. He also revealed that the provincial Healthcare Department has allocated Rs. 1.5 billion for a separate procurement of the vaccine.

Besides this, fourteen vaccination centers have been established across the province, of which nine are in Karachi. Minister Shah explained that ten districts have been identified where the vaccine will be distributed first.


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He declared that “This program will be initiated in all the seven districts of Karachi along with Hyderabad, Jamshoro, and Shaheed Benazirabad,” adding that “preparations have been made and teams have been formed to launch the project”.

It is expected that the first batch of the vaccine will reach the provincial capital on 1 February.

Qasim Soomro, who is a member of the Sindh vaccination task force and a provincial lawmaker, accompanied the provincial Minister for Information during the press conference.