Xiaomi’s Shows Off Smartphone With a Display That Curves on All Sides

We have seen waterfall displays with extreme curves at the edges of the display plenty of times, but this is the first time a company has unveiled a display that curves on all 4 sides. Such is the new concept device from Xiaomi that has an 88-degree hyper quad-curved screen with the most extreme curves we have seen so far.

The concept device has no physical buttons or ports whatsoever, but there are four rounded cutouts in the corners to minimize accidental touches, which tends to be a problem with curved screens. The position of the status bar is also interesting as it is placed on the top right corner along the side of the display. It appears that you have to slide up and down on the left edge of the screen to adjust the volume.

However, bear in mind that Xiaomi is only showing off renders of the device and it is not the actual phone, though the company has already confirmed to The Verge that a real-life prototype exists.

It is unclear when we will get to see the phone, but it will likely not be commercially available just like other concept phones from Xiaomi.