Sadpara Joined K2 Expedition as High-Altitude Porter Not a Climber

There has been no news about the three K2 climbers, Muhammad Ali Sadpara, Juan Pablo Mohr, and John Snorri Sigurjonsson since they went missing nine days ago, but the latest debate on social media suggests that Sadpara had joined the winter expedition to the world’s second-highest mountain as a high-altitude porter.

The debate began based on a video of Pakistan’s renowned mountaineer Nazir Sabir who holds the honor of being the first Pakistani to conquer the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest. He claimed that Sadpara had been involved in the expedition not as a climber but as a paid high-altitude porter for Snorri.


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This claim was verified by Sadpara’s manager, Rao Ahmed, who declared that Snorri had chosen the most talented and experienced mountaineer in not just Pakistan but from all over the world.

Ahmed also remarked noted that Sadpara had hoisted the flag of Pakistan in extremely difficult circumstances.

“They never had the resources. He has never received such sponsorship in Pakistan that he would go ahead and conquer a peak on his own. So when foreign climbers came, they helped him,” Ahmed explained.


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Similarly, the owner of the Jasmine tour operator Ali Asghar, disclosed that Snorri had paid ten thousand dollars to Sadpara for his services, which was double of what Sadpara usually charged foreign climbers for his services in the summer.

Sadpara was well-respected among his colleagues and foreign climbers who considered him their guide and teacher.

Via: BBC Urdu

  • Even if Ali Sadpara was paid for his services, hats off to him. He was a poor man. He needed earnings. Even during Hajj, Muslims are allowed to do business to earn. Sadpara is more honourable after this truth is revealed. May Allah bless his soul

    • Of course he was a honourable man and we should pay homage to him for the services he rendered for the Pak Army in Siachin in the early stsged. He had every right to earn his livelihood through hard work as a guide and porter. He hailed from an area where is no source of income other than porters’ job provided some expedition is planned by the foreign climbers.

  • Well afsoos ki bat ye Hai why govt not paying much to this sports and sadpara like poor experts unable to take rewards for being Pakistani we must proud sadpara like people.. Aye ager woh service keh charges lay be raha Tha tu koi bury bat nhi wish we understand beauty of our Pakistan and make proper manage our places and make it proper sports thanks from Lahore

  • A man who lived by his ambition. Remembered for a task which a few amongst us could only think off. À man whose lost has felt by a Nation.

  • Afsos…we n our government didn’t support n sponsored blessing Soul Muhammad Ali sadpara but He always waved Green Flag on the summit…na janey Q hum dair kar daitay hain..May Dear ALLAH blessed him in Jannat ul firdous..Ameen..forever love for Muhammad Ali sadpara,the patriotic soul😭😓😥

  • All this debate make no sense after the demise of Satpara. The fact is that by hoisting flag of Pakistan at K2 peak, Satpara has become a National Hero and has has lost his life during a process of showing the solidarity with the Kashmiri People’s on Kashmir Day and has become a martyr. I demand people of Pakistan and and Government of Pakistan to reward him with gallantry award (posthumously) for civilians.

  • What a stupid argument that when you reached the top of the world’s 2nd highest peak, which happen to be in Pakistan not because of anything to do with its habitats, you actually had USD 10k in your pocket. One wonders if this was worthy of reporting or the writer felt duty bound to disgrace a fellow countrymen who had the chance to hoist national flag at this 2nd highest peak whereas he could have easily stayed behind at 2nd last or last camp to wait for the climbers and avoid these sarcastic pieces against his honor. BTW have you ever seen an expedition taking its paid porters to the top? Even if they’d do they do it by respect and not because they wanted some of the luggage to reach top on porter’s back.
    Hats off, three hundred cheers and whatever there is for the writer to have successfully pull down a fellow citizen even after his death which is mourned almost the world over specially in the world of sports.

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