ACE Reveals How Vehicles Worth Billions Were Registered After Fake Auction

In a recent media report, it has been revealed that Punjab’s Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has made some headway in the multi-billion rupee bogus vehicle registration case. Reportedly, a large number of vehicles were registered by means of a fake auction in the name of a government department.

The media report stated that the government department has sent a letter to ACE, claiming that it had never auctioned those vehicles and the auction vouchers that were allegedly issued are indeed fake.

ACE has now confirmed that a group of excise and taxation officials are responsible for registering the vehicles via fake auction vouchers and caused losses in billions of rupees to Punjab’s economy.


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The report added that the ACE acquired the data of the bank transactions from the beneficiaries of the auctions that show money transfers worth millions of rupees.

Reportedly, the officials of the excise and taxation department had registered non-custom paid luxury vehicles against fake auction vouchers, thereby inflicting billions of rupees worth of losses to the national exchequer.