Battling the Pandemic: How Restaurant Industry Utilized E-Commerce

The restaurant industry has been one of the hardest-hit industries because of Covid-19 with the economic shutdown resulting in the closure of businesses thus changing the entire behavior of the industry.

As Covid-19 SOPs forced all big and small restaurants to close dine-in facilities, they started relying on deliveries and takeaway, depending mostly on 3rd party apps to which they were paying heavy commissions.

Not being tech-savvy, most restaurants were not able to provide a proper e-commerce experience. Here, Indolj was born to help the restaurant industry by enabling white label e-commerce and providing a world-class user experience.

Founded by Saad Jangda, a successful entrepreneur in the IT Industry of Pakistan, having local e-commerce experience of over 13 years, and a founder of who successfully exited his startup in 2019.

Indolj enabled the restaurants to alleviate their dependency on third-party ordering apps by building customized digital ordering systems. This is the reason why restaurants shifted their interest towards Indolj which helped them to survive during tough COVID-19 conditions as it increased the importance of a brisk take-out business.

Indolj had partnered with more than 100 brands in less than six months including many big brands like California Pizza, Bella Vita, and Burger O Clock, generating thousands of orders daily.

Mr. Babar Nehal, Chairman of APRA (All Pakistan Restaurant Association), expressed his views on the situation, stating, “Due to the closure of dine-in during the pandemic, the restaurant industry had to shift towards deliveries and takeaways. But this shift landed restaurants into a tricky situation where they started losing their hard-earned money to aggregators in commissions.”

“Not only that, the third-party marketplaces don’t allow the restaurants to get customer insight, so even if the restaurant is getting a high number of orders, they were eventually at loss due to lack of understanding of their potential customers.”

“We started focusing on our own website for Online Orders and Indolj platform made it possible, for us and for the entire restaurant industry by being extremely user-friendly for both, customers and staff.”

Indolj’s highly efficient and customizable commission-free online ordering system catered to all of the restaurateurs’ issues and allowed customers to place orders directly from the restaurant’s website.

Choosing the perfect option at the right time massively helped the restaurant industry to stay afloat during the time of the pandemic, as one of the top tech companies of Pakistan took a stand and facilitated the restaurateurs to lift the industry positively.