Here’s How Bikers Can Keep Themselves Safe From Sharp Kite Strings

In order to keep bike riders safe from the razor-sharp kite strings in Rawalpindi, the City Traffic Police (CTP) has come up with an affordable solution.

All the bike riders need to do is to install a flexible antenna at the front and rear mudguards to avoid getting their throats cut from the glass-coated sharp strings.


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In this regard, Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Rai Mazhar Iqbal, has said the kite strings will be deflected after coming in contact with the safety cable instead of hurting the rider.

CTO Rawalpindi has also issued directions to all traffic wardens in the city to ensure bike riders use safety cables to avoid getting hurt by kite strings.

Note that Chief Minister Punjab, Usman Buzdar, in January, had reimposed the ban on Basant celebrations all over the province.


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CM Punjab also issued directives to concerned authorities to launch a province-wide crackdown against citizens involved in the sale and purchase of kites and strings.

Despite the ban, people blatantly violated the law with complete disregard for human life as they celebrated Basant over the past weekend on the announcement of the Kite Flying Association.

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