SAPM on Health Confirms Whether Sinopharm Vaccine Has Any Side Effects

After becoming the first high-profile recipient of China’s Sinopharm’s Coronavirus vaccine, SAPM on Health, Dr. Faisal Sultan, has said that the vaccine has no adverse side effects.

Taking to Twitter, Dr. Faisal penned that he received the first of two doses of the Sinopharm vaccine and is feeling fine.


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Dr. Faisal added that he received the Coronavirus vaccine after registering as a healthcare worker on the healthcare workers’ register of the federal government.

He also urged other healthcare workers who are less than 60 years of age to get themselves vaccinated after registration.

Dr. Faisal said that inoculation drive for healthcare workers aged 60 years or more will start in March using AstraZeneca’s Coronavirus vaccine.


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These healthcare workers can register themselves for the vaccine by sending their CNIC numbers to 1166.

So far, the government has vaccinated more than 72,000 frontline healthcare workers under the nationwide Coronavirus inoculation campaign that was launched earlier this month.