CAA Faces a Crisis With Junior Officers Assuming Senior Posts

The administration of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is facing a predicament that involves its junior officers frequently being promoted to the posts of senior officers.

According to details, the CAA has been giving unnecessary and untimely promotions to junior officers.


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Three vacancies for Deputy Director General (DG) were filled by junior officers, with a 20 percent additional charge allowance for each one, which will be undertaken by the authority.

Additionally, the Flight Standard Department has also been filling posts of inspectors on an ad-hoc basis.


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In other news, three new airlines — Q-Airlines, Fly Jinnah, and Jet Green Airlines — have sought Regular Public Transport (RPT) permits from the CAA to operate domestic flight operations across Pakistan. The inspection of Q-Airlines and Fly Jinnah has been completed while Jet Green Airlines is still under scrutiny.

Following the scrutiny, the cases will be forwarded to the Aviation Division, and the RPT licenses will be issued to the airlines after the federal Cabinet grants the approvals.

Via: ARY