Redmi K40’s Teardown Appears on YouTube Days After Launch

Redmi K40 became official a few days ago including the K40, K40 Pro, and for the first time, K40 Pro+. All of these handsets are flagship-grade phones that have only been released in China for now, but we expect to see them in the global market under the Poco brand name in the upcoming months.

Just a few days after release, the Redmi K40 and K40 Pro have been taken apart in a video, giving us a good look at what’s inside.

However, bear in mind that the audio is in Chinese, but it’s fairly easy to understand what’s going on in the video given how simple it is.

The disassembly process is nothing out of the ordinary. You need to heat the rear panel and pull it apart with a suction cup after slicing it open. After that, you can see a massive battery with protective flaps, wireless charging pads, a large camera assembly, and much more. There is also plenty of thermal paste to be found around the motherboard and its components to regulate the temperature.

We recommend watching the full video for more details.