Islamabad’s Blue Area Hasn’t Expanded Beyond Sector F-7 Since 1960s

The federal capital territory continues to flourish in terms of residential expansion but has been lagging in the expansion of the once-iconic Blue Area. This lack of development has been affecting businesses that are on the lookout for office spaces to set up shop.

Originally a joint project of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and the renowned Greek firm Doxiadis Associates, the Blue Area ‘Master Plan’ has continued to face substantial challenges since the 1960s.


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In principle, the metropolitan’s Master Plan states that Islamabad’s residential sectors and the central business district (CBD) should be developed in tandem. Despite this, Blue Area has not been expanded beyond Sectors G-7 and F-7.

Since the early stages of the initiation of the project in the 1960s, CDA has fully developed the Blue Area along only two residential sectors – G-6, G-7 or F-6, F-7 – up to Khyber Plaza.

Although the CDA had auctioned a few dozen plots in the next three sectors up to G-9 and F-9, it seems unlikely that development work there will begin any time soon.

Conversely, the construction of the residential sectors has been delayed, with sporadic construction up to G-14.

While discussing CDA’s status on the matter, an engineer commented that “Islamabad is a dianopolis city, so with the growth of the city, its CBD should have also been developed”.

Regarding Blue Area’s stunted growth, he seemed appalled at how difficult it has become for local players to do business there, and added,

Due to a shortage of spaces for business, would you believe currently, the rate of one square yard in Blue Area is Rs. 1.8 million?

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On a similar note, the President of the Islamabad Developer Association, Chaudhry Naseer Ahmed, is of the view that Blue Area needs to be developed quickly, “but unfortunately, so far, the CDA could not make any serious progress in this regard”.

In 2021, the sectors including C-13, C-14, C-16, H-13, H-14, D-13, F-13, D-14, D-15, D-16, E-15, and E-16 still need development work.


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In terms of the residential development of the realty block, Sectors E-12, I-12, C-15, and I-15 are yet to be developed, and the current CDA management is prioritizing them.

In this regard, the Chairman CDA Amer Ali stated,

With the completion of development work of these four sectors, the issue of shortage of affordable housing units in Islamabad will be resolved to a major extent as roughly 30,000 houses will be added to the available housing stock in the city.

  • We really appreciate the efforts of CDA for the development of Sector E-12 stalled since 1985. Unfortunately the development works in E-12/2 are getting inordinately delayed due to resistance from Mutasreens, probably due to backing of local MNAs. E-12 Allottees Action Committee is apprehensive that further delays may result in waste of time and increase in price which may lead to cancellation of E-12/2 contract if not started forthwith. On the similar note, the tenders for development of E-12/1, E-12/4 and Markaz as well as Major and Service Roads are pending settlement with the Mutasreens.
    Let’s hope and pray for the best.
    Col Ejaz Ahmed, (R)
    President Action Committee

  • why u can’t develop the sector C.12 and what is the reason behind this that why CDA will not inn in C-12 sector.thats my question plz answer

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