Sindh Announces Decision on Schools After Imposing Smart Lockdown

Sindh’s Minister for Education and Labour, Saeed Ghani, announced on Monday that the provincial government will not close educational institutions during the smart lockdown across the province.

According to a notification issued by the provincial home department, a smart lockdown will be imposed across the province based on COVID-19 hotspots till 15 April.


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The notification has put restrictions on the timings of commercial businesses from 6 am to 10 pm, and on amusement parks timings till 6 pm.

Similarly, there is a complete ban on indoor weddings while outdoor weddings are permitted with a maximum of 300 guests and strict adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs).

“There would be no indoor dining at the restaurants and only outdoor dining and takeaway would be allowed,” the notification read.


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However, the restriction does not apply to educational institutions, as they shall not be closed.

The provincial minister said that the government will direct the administrations of educational institutions to strictly follow the SOPs, and warned that even if a single coronavirus case was reported in a school, it shall be immediately sealed.

  • Instead of restricting business hours, it would be more effective to work on limiting the number of people that can enter an establishment. So far only private banks follow SOPs. At other establishments, SOPs are just for show. People were relatively serious during the 1st wave of COVID, but are quite careless now. One could easily find staff busy disinfecting surfaces last year, but now no one seems to care.

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