Pakistan Set to Export Beef to China For the First Time in History

For the first time ever, Pakistan is set to begin exporting beef to China in the near future.


Organic Meat is a local public listed company that has been awarded approvals and registration by the Chinese customs authorities for the export of heat-treated beef to the People’s Republic of China.

According to a stock filing to Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), the company has acquired a system for a heat treatment process that eliminates the virus that causes the foot and mouth disease from meat.


Pakistan Reports Highest Monthly Exports in 10 Years

The export of meat and meat products by Pakistani companies is gradually increasing due to their adoption of new technologies and the standards of Hilal foods. Consequently, Pakistan’s meat companies have been enhancing their exports in recent years to different regions, including the traditional markets of the Gulf countries, and concentrating exports to the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain in particular, as well as to Malaysia and Vietnam. Last year, two Pakistani companies had received approval from the concerned Malaysian authorities to export meat and meat products to Malaysia.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the exports of meat and meat products have maintained a double-digit growth of 12 percent year-on-year. It surged to $216 million during the period of July to February during the financial year 2020-21, as compared to $210 million recorded in a similar period of the previous financial year.


Forex Reserves Surge by $378 Million

The consistent growth of exports to both the traditional and new emerging markets will also attract new investments in the local companies and in the area of livestock.

The Organic Meat claims that the system and process will enable it to enter into more exporting countries in the future. Last year in December, it had won an export deal of supplying meat to the traditional market of Saudi Arabia.

The company was listed with the PSX last year for the raising of funds, which resulted in the expansion of its operations and businesses.


  • It will be traded in usd or yuan?
    Either way this is a pretty good development.

  • whats the problem in our country? here beef is so expensive and getting expensive by every day and secondly when eid arrives cows get so expensive because of shortage. because of this export it will get more expensive for normal people like us. this should not be allowed at all. this same issue with fruits too , better quality gets exported and worst quality we eat . we deserve best quality at first place then remaning should be exported.

    • You are missing the point from a growers/farmers perspective. They invest their time and money in farming, but govt. policies and corruption by powerful people does not allow them to get their fare share from selling their produce. Look at the wheat and sugarcane farmers, they get paid minimum amounts, while mafias get the larger share. Denying the right to export will affect the farmers.
      Secondly, if someone is exporting food, it does not necessarily mean that it being done at the cost of local demand/supply. Most establish separate farms for exports as they have stricter quality control requirements than local standards.

      • Do you really think farmers they can actually be able to deal with international buyers directly this is humans we are talking about and specially Pakistani humans guy got the point there. Pakistan is suffering financially only in speeches of Pakistani super heroes in reality it’s actual problem is moralless sick mentality which use situations like this as a opportunity to crush growth and progress that’s why today every single person who’s living in Pakistan his sense of life make no sense at all and they happy to be so insult full to nature because they are tuned at denying mode Pakistan is going back towards 70s and 80s and and if we compare today with 70s or 80s that time seems stone age and Pakistani authorities really liked that stone age where people were dumb and stupid enough not to think about consequences of their stupid actions Pakistan is moving backwards for past 10 to 12 years not because of few hundred politicians the chaos we face today it took more than just politicians to be created and recent events tells another alarming situation that in 70s and 80s people weren’t wise enough to think but they talented but I past 20 years Pakistan producing useless generations the level of their uselessness is you can handle entire generation with one app no different point of views no different opinions no resistance against nonsense they can be agreed on anything without giving it thoughtful attention and you think it’s good for Pakistan and Pakistani nation to share one last pure thing with the country with 180 crore people in it is a good decision yes it is good decision but for whom it’s a good decision for people who wants Pakistan to be back in 70s and 80s in numbers it’s 50 years difference but in comparison it’s like stone age time.

    • We need foreign exchange , desperately. No Pakistani will die of meat shortage. Love your country to grow.

  • Export of meat has many benefits. We can earn foreign exchange. It will generate employment. From cattles we can have fertilizer ( from GOBAR) that can be used in agricultural. It should be encouraged just like poultry farming.

    • what happened to you ? you will get 0 benefit from export instead cow prices from 750 per kg from now too 1200 per kg because of shortage. do you want that ? export should not happen at all.

  • 1 Labour is Required for 10 Cows. So as Livestock-Export increases. More Jobs will be Created in Pakistan. last Year, Only livestock have Positive Growth in Pakistan. The Livestock Population is More than Human-Population in Pakistan.

  • Before exporting , we also need to check our livestocks numbers availability for our own cunsumption.

    • great response. first ever mature comment i see it. we have 22 crore population. we cant even fulfill our need if we export, what we have now we will not have it.

  • Should Export Dog&Cat too, to China & Thilland.
    We have more than 5 Million Dog&Cat it will generate huge revenue.

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