PM Imran Finalizes Plans to Promote IT Sector and Support Freelancers

Prime Minister Imran Khan has directed that short, medium, and long-term strategy timelines should be finalized for the promotion of the information technology sector.

The PM stressed defining short, medium, and long term policies for the development of the IT sector to meet the challenges of the contemporary world and stated that the sector is important for harnessing the potential of Pakistan’s youth.

The prime minister stated this while chairing a meeting for the promotion of IT in the country. He said the finalization of the strategy with the timeline was important for immediate implementation.

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was informed that the IT sector has the potential to generate $5 billion in foreign exchange but the lack of proper strategy and facilities has kept it far below its capacity.

The premier said the government was taking prioritized steps to engage IT experts and for the mainstreaming of the freelancers in the field.


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He said that the establishment of Special Technology Zones (STZs) would ensure the promotion of information technology in the country, and called for the finalization of a time-line based strategy in this regard.


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Regarding the several changes that the pandemic has ushered in, he said the situation has provided opportunities to educate youth through online work.

The meeting was attended by IT expert Masood Jabbar; the Chairman Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Major General (retd.) Amir Azeem Bajwa; the Chairman Special Technology Zone Authority, Amir Hashmi; and the Chief Executive Officer of the National Information Technology Board, Syed Shabahat Ali Shah.

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