Pakistani Edtech Startup Secures $320,000 in Pre-Seed Funding

An edtech startup called’Edkasa’ has secured $320,000 in pre-seed funding in a bid to revolutionize its model against Pakistan’s crooked educational backdrop.

The investment round was lead by i2i Ventures and included the participation of Walled City Co., Zayn Capital, and other big-name investors from the Southeast Asian bloc.


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The co-founders of Edkasa, husband-and-wife duo Fahad Tanveer and Annum Sadiq, released a statement commending the investors for their support. Although the funding round was concluded months ago, the announcement was made today after the finalization of a few details.

Regarding why the big investment had been made, an investor by the name of Kalsoom Lakhani, who is also a co-founder and General Partner of i2i Ventures, explained,

We are bullish about the edtech opportunity in Pakistan, especially in the exam prep space, highlighted by the impact of the pandemic on shifting students into online learning and validated by the growth of edtech in neighboring markets like India and Indonesia.

Fahad Tanveer, extended Lakhani’s sentiments and added,

Our students are engaged with our work and keep coming back to us because we believe in building with them rather than for them. As educators, we believe in using a growth mindset to encourage students to learn and not be afraid of making mistakes. For example, while giving feedback on grades we make sure students feel encouraged and humanize the learning experience as education is a relationship.


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Founded in 2017, Edkasa has evolved into a textbook online-learning platform that offers a variety of courses and teaching services across Pakistan through web and mobile application and has been reaching scores of students and schools in the process.

The startup has launched its new exam prep mobile application, aiming to reach millions of secondary school students.

Edkasa already has a user base of 55,000 students and more than 40 schools throughout Pakistan that currently use its solutions. This new exam prep app is an evolution of this work and will leverage and grow its existing community.

The company has already helped thousands of students and recorded over 1.3 million hours of viewing time with over 250,000 queries answered by its teachers in 2020.