Here’s a List of Countries With the Shortest and Longest Fasts This Year

The holy month of Ramadan will likely begin on the eve of Tuesday, 13 April, while the first day of fasting will be observed on Wednesday, 14 April, in Pakistan.

The fast will last anywhere from 11 to 20 hours depending on one’s location in the world because the number of daylight hours varies from country to country.


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Muslims residing in southernmost countries such as Chile or New Zealand will fast for around 11 hours while those in the northern countries such as Iceland or Norway will fast for around 20 hours. Muslims in Pakistan will fast for around 14-15 hours this Ramadan.

Here are the countries with the longest fasting hours.

Country Fasting Hours
Greenland 19 hours 57 minutes
Iceland 19 hours 56 minutes
Finland 19 hours 09 minutes
Sweden 18 hours 58 minutes
Scotland 18 hours 36 minutes

Here are the countries with the shortest fasting hours.

Country Fasting Hours
New Zealand 11 hours 20 minutes
Chile 11 hours 30 minutes
Australia 11 hours 47 minutes
Uruguay 11 hours 48 minutes
South Africa 11 hours 52 minutes