Yamaha Increases YBR Bike Prices Yet Again

Yamaha has released a notification, informing the dealers of a hike in the price of the base variant of the YBR 125 bike. The price has been increased by the bike maker just ahead of the launch of the 2021 YBR-125 which would likely feature a different set of stickers on the body.

As per the notification, the new price became effective on 8th April. No explanation has been shared by the company as to why the price has been increased for what is essentially the same bike that made its debut in Pakistan 5 years ago. The new price of the bike is as follows:

Bikes Old Price (PKR) Revised Price (PKR) Price Increase (PKR)
YBR 125 181,000 188,000 7,000


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The price hike for the rest of Yamaha’s lineup was announced a week ago. The first price hike for the YBR 125 occurred back in January this year, which also resulted in an increase of up to Rs. 6,000.

As highlighted before, these price hikes are unreasonable because the value of the local currency has been holding strong for a while now, which has been the excuse for every single price hike on the part of the automakers since the first wave of the Coronavirus. The regulatory bodies still remain silent despite multiple unjustified price hikes.

  • Pakistan ma govt nam ke koi chez ha nahi jis ka jo dil karta ha wohi kar raha ha pochnay wala ha koi nahi jab dil kia price increase kar de.Sab awam ko loutnay pay lagay han lout lain jitna lout saktay han.

  • There is absolutely no concern and no control of government departments on prices of any thing. May it be imported items or local items as vegetables, Chicken, meat, fruit, ata , sugar or anything else. When dollar was strengthening, there was everyday increase in prices. Now that rupee has strengthened, there is absolutely no drop in prices. On the contrary there is still continuous increase. What the ” na- ahl, be-eeman and Be-ghairat government officers and officials are doing? Only God knows.
    I and all those who voted for PTI are seriously regretting for their support.
    Only those PTI members who are directly getting personal benefits from the party are happy.

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