Utility Stores Announce its Biggest Ramadan Package Ever As Punjab Announces Its Rs. 5 Billion Package

The Government of Punjab has announced a Ramadan package worth Rs. 5 billion for the province, and the Utility Stores Corporation (USC) has also launched the biggest Ramadan relief package ever.

The Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Information, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan, declared that the provincial government will set up 364 Ramadan bazaars in various areas of the province. She added that these bazaars will be converted into sahulat bazaars after Eid-ul-Fitr.

She also revealed that a control room has been established at the Chief Minister House to monitor the prices of essential items during Ramadan.


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The package introduced by the USC consists of a subsidy on 19 essential items including wheat flour, sugar, ghee, rice, cooking oil, pulses, white grams, dates, tetra pack milk, tea, spices, and gram flour, besides hefty discounts on over 1,500 products.

The new prices under the relief package will be:

Essential Items Price
20 kg bag of wheat flour Rs. 800
Sugar Rs. 68 per kg
Ghee Rs. 170 per kg


The USC will provide a subsidy of Rs. 50 on black tea, Rs. 20 per liter on oil, Rs. 15-30 per kg on pulses, Rs. 20 on dates, Rs. 10-12 per kg on rice, Rs. 20-25 on squashes and syrups, Rs. 20 per liter on UHT milk, and 10 percent on spices.


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This will be implemented in over 4,800 utility stores nationwide.

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