LPGIA Chairman Wants Govt to Legalize LPG for Auto Sector

The Chairman of Liquified Petroleum Gas Industry Association (LPGIA), Irfan Khokhar, has appealed to the government to legalize the use of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) as fuel in automobiles across Pakistan.

The appeal has been forwarded, citing that the LPG is a much more environment-friendly and cost-effective source of fuel compared to petrol or diesel. Khokhar suggested that the legalization of the LPG would ensure an impregnable safety measure that would yield swift and positive economic and environmental results.


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“Currently, the LPG is around 50-60 percent cheaper as compared to petrol and diesel,” Khokhar told the media. “Legalizing its use in automobiles will greatly help in the promotion of this sector,” he added. Khokhar also offered a foresight that the commodity price would come down to Rs. 110 per kilogram in the coming days courtesy of the government’s “wise economic policies.”

This month, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) reduced the prices of locally produced LPG by Rs. 166.33 per cylinder of 11.8 kilograms. As a result, the LPG cylinder is currently available in the open market at Rs. 1,718.59.

Khokhar further added that the, along with saving billions on annual oil import bills, the government will be able to bring the environmental pollution under control by legalizing the use of LPG as fuel. He added that the demand for other substandard fuels will also go down significantly, which would aid in the creation of a healthy environment.