Changan Shows How It’s Testing Self-Driving Technology for Pakistani Drivers

The Pakistani auto industry has recently had the entrance of several new players into the market, with many of them introducing high-tech products.

Master Changan Motors is at the forefront of such developments because, as it hinted recently, Changan Pakistan is set to publically test its autonomous driving technology.


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Master Changan Motors posted a promotional message on its Facebook page yesterday, announcing that it will put its self-driving technology up against the three of the most formidable elements of Pakistan’s roads — the tricky road network, rush-hour traffic, and drowsy drivers.

As indicated in the post, Changan is planning a cross-country trip in one of its new SUVs (most likely the Uni T) whereby the technological features of the vehicle will be put through a series of tests, the effectiveness of which is likely to play a huge part in the desirability of the brand.

Last week, it was learned that Changan was testing self-driving vehicles in Pakistan. As claimed by the automaker itself, Changan’s new SUV, the Uni T, is equipped with an AI-chip-based intelligent vehicle system that features numerous technical features, including level-3 autonomous driving capability.


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This feature is helpful for people who often go on long journeys. The system is intelligent enough to make a complex, calculated decision of moving past a slow-paced vehicle. However, it does require partial input from the driver in case it is not able to perform a function.

Level-3 autonomy is a trait of some of the most premier vehicles in the world at the moment, and it is interesting to witness a mid-range crossover SUV perform these tests on the roads of Pakistan.