Apple’s Software Head Admits That Mac Has a Security Problem

In the recent Epic Games vs. Apple trial in court, Cupertino’s software chief Craig Federighi admitted that Macs have a malware level that is unacceptable. Before we move on, here is a little history of what is happening between Apple and Epic Games.

Last year, Apple applied restrictions on in-app purchasing methods outside of the one offered by the App Store. However, in August last year, the Fortnite maker Epic Games unilaterally updated Fortnite to allow users to buy V-bucks directly ingame. As a result, Apple removed the game from the App Store within hours. Enraged by the decision, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Apple for violating U.S. antitrust law by using the control of its mobile operating system to stymie competition.

Where the conflict is solely about how Apple does not allow multiple app stores on iOS, Federighi dragged in Macs during the hearing to put forth Apple’s case. The executive took the stand and compared the two operating systems running on the Mac and iPhone while highlighting their differences. In doing so, he also made some statements that can be perceived as going against Apple’s interests.

He revealed that since Macs allow third-party applications its stores have been exploited for years. Federighi noted,

iOS has established a dramatically higher bar for customer protection. The Mac is not meeting that bar today. The Mac is a car. You can take it off-road if you want and you can drive wherever you want. That’s what you wanted to buy. There’s a certain level of responsibility required. With iOS, you wanted to buy something where children can operate an iOS device and feel safe doing so. It’s really a different product.

He further disclosed that Since last May approximately 130 different Mac malware has affected over 300,000 systems.

I’ve had a couple of family members who have gotten malware on their Macs, but ultimately, I believe a Mac can be operated safely.

Regardless of his statements, he still claims that Macs are made for a different set of users and are still the safest option.


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