Govt Lifts Age Restriction for Vaccination for People Going Abroad

In a significant development, the government has lifted the COVID-19 age restriction for people intending to travel abroad for employment or higher studies.

According to local media reports, the decision was made on Thursday, keeping in view the difficulties faced by the people as they were unable to travel to different countries without vaccination.


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Those traveling abroad can now get the COVID-19 vaccine at any vaccination center in the country from May 21 (tomorrow). They will be required to show their work permit, Iqama, and student visa to be eligible for vaccination.

The government had imposed restrictions on international travel after a surge in coronavirus cases in the country. It made PCR tests and COVID-19 vaccination mandatory for passengers wishing to travel abroad.

Earlier, The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) expressed grave concerns that passengers traveling to Pakistan from other countries tested positive for the coronavirus upon arrival despite having negative PCR test results.


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The CAA stated that upon investigating the issue, it transpired that passengers traveled to Pakistan using fake PCR negative test results and endangered not only passengers traveling with them, but also undermined the efforts being made at the national level to curb the spread of the virus.

The authority directed all airlines operating to and from Pakistan to ensure that all passengers traveling to the country possess test results from government-approved labs, and ordered the airlines not to accept test results without a valid QR code.