Pakistan Becomes First Country in South Asia to Receive LEED Platinum Certification

Pakistan has become the first country in South Asia to receive the LEED Platinum Certification by the US Green Building Council for a pharmaceutical plant.

The honor has been bestowed upon a pharmaceutical company called Getz Pharma Pvt. Ltd. as its new manufacturing facility ‘Astola’ has been awarded the First LEED Platinum Certification.


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Achieving the highest LEED rating for this state-of-the-art facility is a testament to Getz Pharma’s commitment to playing its part in the preservation and protection of the environment as a corporate citizen.

Besides being the second-largest pharmaceutical company in the country, Getz Pharma’s Head Office is also WWF Green Office certified.

Every year, the United Nations observes World Environment Day on 5 June to create awareness about preventing, halting, and reversing the damage that has been caused to nature.

This year, the baton has been passed to Pakistan with the theme ‘ecosystem restoration’ while focusing more on creating a good relationship with nature.

The Director-General of WWF Pakistan, Hammad Naqi Khan, discussed the various efforts of WWF-Pakistan in carrying out its mission to work at both global and national levels with governments, the private sector, and consumers to address governance challenges affecting development, and advocacy for sustainable decision-making.

He congratulated Getz Pharma for achieving the LEED Platinum Certification for its new manufacturing facility Astola, and appreciated its active involvement in creating awareness about the importance of preserving the environment.

He said, “Naming your new manufacturing facility Astola shows how Getz Pharma wants to call attention to natural heritage sites like the Astola Island – which is a beautiful Ramsar site off the coast of Baluchistan, known for its unique biodiversity and ecological importance. It shows a deeper commitment and reflects on the values of the management towards preservation of nature and environment”.

During the talk, the Managing Director & CEO of Getz Pharma, Khalid Mahmood, went on to propose how corporates need to dig deeper and focus more on preserving the environment. Astola’s infrastructure was thoughtfully planned and designed to help reduce the overall carbon footprint of the company.

The green building facility will use less energy, and passive heating and cooling that will improve the quality of air while potentially reducing carbon emissions.

Mahmood said, “This is achievable and most importantly, a need of the hour. We must preserve and protect what we have for the sake of our future generations; we must all do our part”.


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