80% of Universities in Pakistan Are Ill-Equipped for Online Education: HEC

Most universities in the country are ill-equipped for online education, Higher Education Commission (HEC) has revealed.

According to details, only 40 out of 205 universities have fully functional Learning Management Systems (LMS) to support online education.


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Like the rest of the world, universities in Pakistan have been forced to switch to online education to protect students, teachers, and staff members from the Coronavirus pandemic.

The World Bank has committed $400 million in order to restructure the higher education sector in Pakistan, including the introduction of a new component that will focus on supporting uninterrupted education for all in crisis such as the COVID-19.


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This component will incur a cost of $93 million to implement and will equip all universities in the country to offer online education in case of unpredicted crises and university lockdowns.

So far, the World Bank has disbursed $65 million to support research excellence in strategic sectors of the economy, improve teaching and learning, and strengthen governance in the higher education sector.