Home Appliance Production Rises Thanks to Ease in Lockdown

The sales and production of home appliances have increased rapidly owing to the easing of pandemic-induced restrictions and the rise in the temperature.

In April 2021, the recorded production of refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers were at a 32-month highest, 19-month highest, and 22-month highest respectively.

A total of 131,953 units of refrigerators were produced in April this year as compared to the 6,996 units produced in April last year. Production was also higher on a monthly comparison as the recorded production for March 2021 was 119,535 units, as shown in the Large-Scale Manufacturing (LSM) data.


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Likewise, the annual jump in the production of air conditioners was 62,953 units in April 2021 as compared to 5,246 units in April 2020, and 35,418 units in March 2021.

The production and sales of deep freezers had strong growth as well, jumping to 11,732 units in April 2021 from 1,048 units in April 2020 and 7,236 units in March 2021.

The ease in the lockdown and the severity of the weather have also upped the production of other electrical goods, including electric transformers and meters.