PSQCA To Launch Automated System To Fast Track Standardization Process: Shibli Faraz

Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Shibli Faraz, has directed Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) to complete the automation process at the earliest to ensure the availability of quality products to masses at a reasonable price.


During a visit of PSQCA on Friday, the Federal Minister, while chairing a meeting, noted that a regulatory framework and relevant rules and regulations on standardization of consumer goods were in place, but gaps in the system and poor implementation allowed sub-standard and low-quality products to flood the local market.


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“Gaps in the system need to be identified, enforcement mechanism required to be strengthened and regulatory framework must be proactive,” the minister further instructed, adding that utilization of modern technologies and automation are the keys in the regard.
Complete information about the quality of the product be publicized so that consumers could make informed decisions, he said.

Later, talking to the media, Shibli Faraz informed that PSQCA was monitoring 166 products for ensuring the quality of the product as per international standards with a focus on three fundamental elements Safety, efficiency, and price.

The minister said that the prevailing process of standardization was lengthy and complex, which involved human interface at many stages. The automated system would encompass all the phases from the application to testing, and licensing would be carried out through a completely automated procedure, he said. Further adding that it would not only save the time of applicants, but it would also keep them updated about the status of their filed applications.

A new model for grading products was also on cards that would determine the category of a certain product based on its quality, efficiency, and price, he said. Furthermore, he added that PSQCA was also working to develop a strategy for maintaining the quality and safety of vehicles being manufactured or assembled in Pakistan and fulfilling of required parameters.


On a query about electronic voting machines (EVM), Shibli Faraz said that EVM was being developed in Pakistan, and work has entered into advanced stages. Prime Minister Imran Khan wanted a foolproof polling process that is acceptable to all stakeholders so that no one could raise objections over the result and the democratic system continue functioning smoothly, he remarked.

The Federal Minister replying to a question regarding the attitude of members in parliament said that opposition parties were interrupting the proceedings of the house to save their leadership.

Disturbances were created during speeches of the prime minister and even budget speech as disturbed, he said. Further adding that the PTI government intended that parliament function smoothly and democratic system flourishes and strengthens, but the opposition did not want to listen or let others speak.

It is a democracy in Pakistan and standards for elected representatives had to be set up by the electorate, he further said.


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On a query about the status of development in Sindh, the Federal Minister said that PPP’s Sindh government had received billions of rupees in its 13-year long rule, but people of Sindh were still deprived of even basic facilities like drinkable water, education, and health.

PTI government had allocated record funds for Sindh that is a manifestation of PM Imran Khan’s commitment to the development of the province, Shibli said.



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