NITB Introduces Messaging App for Govt Employees

The federal government is set to launch a unified communication and collaboration tool to ensure better, efficient, and safer official communication.

Named “Beep Pakistan,” the platform has been developed by the National Information Technology Board (NITB).


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Speaking ahead of the launch of Beep Pakistan, DG Project Management Office (PMO), Faisal Iqbal Ratyal, said that the application will have a wide range of features including messaging, audio calling, and video conferencing.

Beep Pakistan will be initially launched for 20,000 high-ranking government officials responsible for decision-making. The scope of the application will be extended to the remaining government officers in the next phase.


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When asked about the rationale behind Beep Pakistan, he said that the government decided to develop a dedicated platform for official communication after mobile devices of government officials of a neighboring country were compromised following a cyberattack, resulting in leakage of sensitive official information.

In view of the cyberattack in the neighboring state, the government made a decision to move the official communication to a platform that can be controlled within the country so that any sensitive information can be added or removed in case of cyberattacks.