USAID Announces Scholarships for Pakistani Women

The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has partnered with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) to offer merit and need-based scholarships for Pakistani female students in the top 30 higher education institutes of Pakistan.

Sources close to the HEC told reporters that more than 5,300 USAID-funded scholarships have been granted to Pakistani female students.


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These scholarships are for Master’s/MBA/MS/MPhil/Education Teaching degree programs in numerous disciplines under the HEC wing. They also cover tuition fees, books allowance, boarding and lodging, transportation, and other related academic costs.

The female students who qualify for the need-based programs will be required to provide all the required information for their files, as per the directions of the concerned authorities. Additionally, students who have received any other scholarships or grants cannot apply for this program.